Role Play

Nicolás Araneda…………………………………………………………….Derek
Santiago Trespalacios……………………………………………………. Montressor ​

– Hidden blade
– Sticker moustache
– Hoodie
– Duct tape
– Sport outfit
– Shoes
– Sword
– Pirate Rings
– Pirate Coins

Act 1

Scene 1

Narrator: ​It was a dark night in Paris, April 1454. Montressor was drinking in a french bar and suddenly someone appears.

Derek:​Hello Montressor. How are you?
Montressor:​You are late! I waited for an hour
Derek:​Does it matter?
Montressor:​Of course it does. This time is important. Why did you come so late?
Derek:​I was killing a boy; two blocks from here.​
Montressor:​You ‘re always killing someone! You can’t just kill every person you see. Don’t be an idiot. The police could find you, you know that!
Derek:​Don’t be so annoying. What did you want to tell me? It is about our next mission, right?​
Montressor:​No, no…I just wanted to talk with you.
Derek:​I’ m listening…​​
Montressor:​I Heard you have killed an old man. Is it true?
Derek:​Yes, it is true, but it was a long time ago… Besides, the old man deserved to be killed.​
Montressor:​And why did you kill him? Did he really deserve it?
Derek:​Of course he deserved it. He had a weird vuture eye. ​​
Montressor:​You have mental problems, right?
Derek:​​Yes, I do. But, I also heard you killed a man; am I wrong?
Montressor:​Yes, I killed an old man, because I wanted his money.
Derek:​​What was his name?​
Derek:​​But Fortunato is my father.
Montressor: Not your dad! It’s another Fortunato
Derek: Ohh… Ok.

Scene 2

Montressor:​Lets plan the murder of Julio the First.
Derek:​What do I have to do?
Montressor:​First, we are going to the armory. I would recommend a dagger, or a hidden blade.
Derek: ​We have to be careful in this mission because there are to many guards surrounding the castle.
Montressor: ​Ok, let’s go!

Narrator: ​Montressor and Derek embark on the Atlantis III. They arrive on London, England, in the 14th of april, of 1454

Montressor: ​Get ready!

Narrator:​Montressor and Derek slip away through the forest in their journey to the castle. At 10 o’ clock they attack the castle and they kill all the guards.

Derek: ​Let’s go, we have to kill the King! Hurry up
Montressor: ​Ok!

Narrator: ​They approach to the king’s room. They break the door and they enter to the room. The King was inside.

Derek: ​You deserve to die!
King: ​Ohh noo!!!

(Derek kills the King)

Montressor: ​Thanks for killing the King for me. Now I will kill you.
Derek: ​I thought we were friends

(Montressor kills Derek)

Montressor:​Rest in peace Derek.​

Narrator:​Montressor finally escaped and joins a clan of hooded murders. They travel through the kingdoms of europe committing crimes and robberies.

Dear Jack,

Jack ,I read you scary story ,I want to know ,If you are okey in the jail.
I want to know what you killed the first cat.Anyway if you dont want to answere is okey , but I have alot of questions for you.

My name is Mad Dogg , an important rapper ,if you want to kill me , I have a gun an alot of bodyguards in my mansion in los Santos.

I wanted to ask why you drink so much beer , I drink alot , but you are extremely alcoholic . When I read you story , I imagined when you killed your wife , and the black cat .I did not sleep in the night . Now finally , the last 2 questions . Did you reamy love your wife ? , and do you regret what you did ?

Good wishes
Mad Dogg

Im Chago a detective .Las night in my office , the cell phone rang …OMG OMG a dead body in the abandon mansion !!!,When I heard that , I ran to my sports car (dodge viper),when I arrived , and enterer to the mansion ,I destroyed the door , and when I entered , the woman talcked  about the dead body .IN the place I saw the dead body , the dead body was of Macklemore ,( a famous singer)he had a knife in his head .Then in the front of it I saw a note that said: ( HA HA HA ,IM THE ASSASSIN OF MACKLEMORE, 2PAC AND KENNEDY , AND NOW YOU ARE DEAD!!!). 

When I wrote thin note I searched in all the place .The place was dark ,withe , with alot of hooks , and plates from China , and somo drugs (cocain,weed, etc),Its was like an old office.

Tipping is a voluntary additional payment made for services ( America for example ) tips are comidered to be compulory given that workers such as waiters .Hairdressers and staff dont have very hight wages.

In Britain tipping is more of a choice , depending on the kind therestand you are in and the quality of the service you recive.

In my opinion , in a normal , case yo need to pay 10% , but it the service is very good , I pay 20% but it the service realy bad I mont likely , I dont tip toothe service .

Another case in Chile most of the people give the change ,that they recive , an a tip .


That night I went to the doctor , because my friend Franklin had a problem in his leg .We talked about the ” child hood ” in grove street.And the I went to sleep at home .  Then, in the morning the celphone rang…

My friend Micheal invitadme  to his mansion with alot of people .In that night when I entered in the home , my friend talked about lifes and her familyes .And then a woman (his name  is Patricia Plunstaff )went to the kitchen , and then to the library and …in 5 minutes all the people heared a screean of a woman .I was very scared, I went to the library , because i wanted to know wath happened.

When I went to the library I saw Patricias body on the floor .

then you (sherlock H.) interrogated me.

1)Michael Jordan is a good basquetball player,  he is tall , he is in his 50′s, he is bald and he has an oval face( like an egg).Michael is a black man , the origin of Michael is U.S.A . I am describing this man , because he is a very good player , and a good man .

2)Rihana in my opinion is a pratty singer, with medium hight , he has 26 yeaers old , is a Slim woman ,She is a black woman ,she are from  USA , I describe this  woman , because she is a fashionable woman.