Im Chago a detective .Las night in my office , the cell phone rang …OMG OMG a dead body in the abandon mansion !!!,When I heard that , I ran to my sports car (dodge viper),when I arrived , and enterer to the mansion ,I destroyed the door , and when I entered , the woman talcked  about the dead body .IN the place I saw the dead body , the dead body was of Macklemore ,( a famous singer)he had a knife in his head .Then in the front of it I saw a note that said: ( HA HA HA ,IM THE ASSASSIN OF MACKLEMORE, 2PAC AND KENNEDY , AND NOW YOU ARE DEAD!!!). 

When I wrote thin note I searched in all the place .The place was dark ,withe , with alot of hooks , and plates from China , and somo drugs (cocain,weed, etc),Its was like an old office.